Qatar Airways CEO Apologizes For Mocking The Age Of American Flight Attendants After An Outcry From U.S. Airline Industry

By Carie P. | Jul 16, 2017 07:30 PM EDT

The CEO and head of Qatar Airways just apologized for making snide remarks and mocking the age of American flight attendants. His apology came after there was a controversial outcry from the airline industry of the United States.

It can be recalled that Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar al Baker just called the American flight attendants as "crap" and that they were all grandmothers. This happened during the launch of the new flight route between Doha and Dublin event last week and this was recorded on a video that was posted on the Internet lately by an Irish travel publication.

According to PEOPLE, the CEO of Qatar Airways just apologized last Wednesday and mentioned in his apology that the comments which were made informally at the said gala dinner were not meant to be offensive. With this, he apologized unreservedly to those who got offended because of his snide remarks and which compared U.S. carriers' cabin crew with flight attendants on Qatar Airways.

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The said CEO likewise mentioned that cabin crew is the face of all airlines across the globe and that he recognized their professionalism and hard work. Moreover, he added his appreciation by saying that the flight attendants are playing a significant role in the comfort and safety of all the passengers, irrespective of their status or age.

However, al Baker also cited the strong rivalry between the Qatar Airways and the U.S. carriers and that he is extremely proud of their own cabin crew. This was also the time when he said that the average age limit of his cabin crew is only 26 years old; therefore, there is no need for a passenger to opt to travel on the crap American carriers.

The snide remarks and comments made by the CEO of Qatar Airways sparked a backlash all over the aviation community in the United States. It can be recalled too that prior to the incident, Qatar Airways expressed its interest in buying up to 10 percent of the shares of American Airlines.

With this, the said CEO of Qatar Airways was even accused by the Association of Flight Attendants of discrimination and misogyny. The said airline then received criticism as it was noted too that flight attendants are onboard to save lives since lives are deemed precious.

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