28 Dead In Las Cruces Prison Riot In Acapulco City

By Dipannita | Jul 10, 2017 06:37 AM EDT

A long and bitter rivalry took a harsh turn among the rival groups that left 28 people dead. An investigation will soon be carried out to know about the actual circumstances that prevailed during the fight.

The situation turned bitter in maximum security wing of Las Cruces prison in the Acapulco city when a fight broke between two rival groups in the prison. The victims of the fight were beaten to death and stabbed. According to reports from BBC, an investigation will be soon carried out. Acapulco city is famously known as a drug production city and is also the biggest city in Guerrero state. It is considered one of the most violent areas of Mexico.

Roberto Alvarez, a state security spokesman said that dead bodies were recovered from all the areas of the unit which also included the area meant for conjugal visits and the kitchen. He further said that it seemed like no weapons were used to kill the people. The investigation which has been ordered will focus on both the prisoners and the prison staff. He believes that the incident sparked due to a prolonged and bitter war between the rival groups that existed within the prison.

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The army and the federal police are now providing security outside the prison as the area is now swarming with more than 2,000 prisoners. According to reports, May was the most horrible month for Mexico as the statistics revealed that 2,186 homicides were carried out in a single month alone.

The government records have revealed that the counting from December 2006 to May 2017 amounts to approximately 1888,567 murders, which were carried out in the region. Acapulco city was once a popular tourist destination in Mexico but then, the area saw an increase in violent behavior as a result of a fight among the criminal gangs to gain control over the illegal activities. The city is now known to be the deadliest city of Mexico.

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