Finding Life On Mars Appears Impossible, Study Reveals Salt Minerals On The Planet Kill Life Form Bacteria

By Carie P. | Jul 08, 2017 08:33 AM EDT

With the result of the latest study, it appeared that finding life on Mars is already becoming impossible. The study suggested that the salt minerals present on the said planet can kill bacteria which are regarded as a basic life form.

It was reported that experts studied compounds called perchlorates which came from Mars and found out that these killed cultures of bacteria Bacillus subtilis, a basic life form. In the lab tests which were conducted her on Earth, researchers from the University of Edinburgh's School of Physics and Astronomy claimed that the perchlorates become active at high temperature and Mars is extremely cold.

In the said latest research, it was also discovered that the perchlorates compound can likewise be activated using a UV light even with no heat and with conditions imitating those on the surface of Mars. After that, the researchers noticed that the compound killed the bacteria within just a few minutes. Because of this finding, it appeared that Mars is more uninhabitable than what experts thought before.

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Further, according to PHYS ORG, the researchers also recommended that if experts still want to find life on Mars, the result of their study should also be taken into consideration. Moreover, it was suggested that experts need to search for sub-surface life which will not be exposed to the conditions that were used in their study.

It was also found out that perchlorates are more abundant on the Red Planet though these compounds are man-made and natural here on Earth. Even if it was already perchlorates killed the bacteria with the use of the UV radiation, it doesn't imply that all life forms will also suffer the same.

In order to confirm the reliability and validity of the result, further tests need to be done. Last 2015, the scientists spotted perchlorates in the form of liquid water on Mars. They have been spotted in lines which at first were thought as brine streaks. However, NASA first spotted and discovered these way back 2008 through its Phoenix Lander.

Even if it was revealed that perchlorates kill bacteria making finding life on Mars impossible, still there is good news in the study. This means that organic substances left on the Red Planet won't survive in a long period of time.

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