Lakers, George Hill Engage In Serious Talk About Short-Term Deal: Kevin Durant Takes Major Paycut With The Warriors

By Carie P. | Jul 04, 2017 06:51 PM EDT

Latest NBA reports claimed that Los Angeles Lakers and free-agent guard George Hill met last Monday and engaged in some serious talks about a possible short-term deal. Apart from this, Kevin Durant reportedly just reached an agreement with the Golden State Warriors.

Reports claimed that George Hill and the Lakers have a mutual interest in a deal which will let the No. 2 overall pick Lonzo Ball and Hill to play together in the said team. Last Monday, the Lakers just made an announcement that Hill signed a rookie contract with the team.

CBS Sports reported that George Hill is said to be a victim of the dwindling point guard market but it was expected that when he will join Lakers, h can potentially play a healthy season with the team. It can be recalled that Hill suffered a toe injury in his last season with the Utah Jazz which restricted hi durability as a performing guard. It was then reported that he averaged 16.9 points per game out of 49 games he played.

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Apart from Gorge Hill, the Los Angeles Lakers likewise talked with Rajon Rondo, another free agent point guard regarding a possible one-year deal. It looks like the team is really determined to sign one-year contracts with the free-agents players which will also allow them to preserve salary-cap space for the year 2018.

Meanwhile, ABC News claimed that Kevin Durant finally reached an agreement with the Golden State Warriors which reportedly serves as a tax break for ownership. It was even claimed that he will take a pay cut in order for the Warriors to sign and get free agents and preserve their key players. With this, he was expected to make $54 million over two years.

Aside from Kevin Durant, reports were also rife that the Golden State Warriors might sign Nick Young just like what was mentioned in previous reports. It is still a real possibility that Young will be playing with the Warriors but some other NBA teams are also interested in getting the free-agent guard. Further, the team might even sign Swaggy P who was able to make 40 percent from 170 3-pointers with the Lakers the previous season.

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