Atlanta Hawks Disappoint Paul Millsap; Star Forward Enters Three-Year Deal With Denver Nuggets

By Dipannita | Jul 04, 2017 02:25 PM EDT

Paul Millsap has joined hands with Denver Nuggets and everyone knows it now but the star forward was expecting his previous team to sign him up. In a recent press briefing, Millsap admitted that he was expecting the Atlanta Hawks to renew his contract but they let him down.

Paul Millsap might be with Denver Nuggets but the star forward has admitted to being let down by his previous team Atlanta Hawks. According to Business Insider, Millsap told the media that Atlanta Hawks never came forward with an offer to renew his contract and thus, he was compelled to look for another team. Revealing his despair, he said that he thought he meant something to the Hawks but now he has accepted the reality.

Shedding light on the three-year-contract he entered into with Denver Nuggets, Millsap said that it went about in a simple fashion. Denver Nuggets told him that they have been eying him for many years and they gave him a presentation which felt real to him. So, he said yes as at the end of the day it was all about him playing for a team he felt comfortable with, Fox Sports claimed.

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As fans know, Paul Millsap signed a $90 million contract with Denver Nuggets on Sunday Night, following a similar path that his Atlanta Hawks teammates Al Horford and Demarre Carroll did. He has also had a glowing record with the Hawks as he finished off with averages of 16.5 points in the past four years but now that he is not with the Hawks, the team is into a rebuilding mode.

It is worth mentioning here that Paul Millsap joined the Atlanta Hawks in 2013 when he signed a two-year deal with the team. It was renewed in 2015 and he turned himself into one of the most prized players under the guidance of coach Mike Budenholzer.

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