Indonesian Officials Confirms 8 Fatalities While Helicopter Crashes To Help Residents Near Erupting Volcano

By Carie P. | Jul 04, 2017 10:44 AM EDT

The officials in Indonesia just made a confirmation that there were 8 people who were killed when a helicopter crashed while it was on its way to help residents near an erupting volcano in Java. It was reported that the Dieng volcano located in central Java, erupted last Sunday morning and so far, this led to 10 locals being injured.

The Dieng volcano has been popular to tourists and it also remains as one of Indonesia's main tourist attractions until now. But just last Sunday, it became a threat not only to the locals but also to the tourists since it erupted.

According to CNN, a rescue helicopter crashed into a cliff near the Butak Mountain located in Temanggung district. When it crashed, 8 people who were on board were killed right away. The report also added that the eight bodies comprised of four rescuers and four navy officers.

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The deputy operations chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency, Major General Heronimus Guru said that the bodies of those who were killed in the crash were brought immediately to the nearby Nhayangkara Hospital located in the Central Java in the province of Semarang. Reports also claimed that the helicopter which is an Indonesian- made Dauphin AS365 was airworthy.

Last Sunday morning, Time claimed that the Sileri Crater at the Dieng Plateau emitted cold lava, ash, and mud which went as high as 50 meters into the sky. Moreover, the said eruption took place just when there were 17 tourists who were around the crater.

Some reports were also claiming that the Sileri in Indonesia is considered as the most active and dangerous among some other 10 craters around at the Dieng Plateau. Previous to this latest eruption, it also erupted last 2009. During the 2009 eruption, the volcanic materials went up to even as high as 200 meters into the sky and this resulted in the formation of three more craters.

Even if no one was killed in the eruption of the Sileri crater itself, tourists and visitors were ordered to leave the said area as soon as possible. Meanwhile, although 8 people were killed in the helicopter car crash, police and volunteers were still on location to give assistance and to ensure the affected area.

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