Jurors In Martin Shkreli’s Fraud Trial Dismissed For Name Calling; Prosecutors Claim Shkreli’s Stories As Ploy

By Carie P. | Jun 27, 2017 01:12 PM EDT

In the latest updates regarding Martin Shkreli's fraud trial, it was found out that a number of the potential jurors were dismissed right away because of name calling. It was reported that the jurors called the defendant, "snake", "the face of corporate greed", and "the most hated man in America".

Brafman who served as the legal counsel of Martin Shkreli also asked Matsumoto for one favor. Last week, it was reported that he urged Matsumoto not to give so much weight and consideration to Martin's outrageous statements since it's already his nature.

In the said case, reports were also rife that the defense team was preparing for Martin Shkreli to testify. According to New York Times, he is expected to recount stories of how he grew up and how he lived in a working-class Albanian family in their place in Brooklyn.

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It was also made known that apart from bow he lived before, Martin Shkreli is also expected to tell before the court how he taught himself chemistry and what he did when he was an intern at a financial company established by Jim Cramer. After that he worked on his own until he made ways in order to become a prominent personality in the field of biotechnology.

According to Martin Shkreli, what urged and prompted him to create and develop new life-saving drugs was after he saw the conditions of his classmates and other children. He shared that most of his classmates and the children he was referring to were struck down with an unbearable disease.

All of Martin Shkreli's statements were indicated in the court papers and are being used by the defense team or the case. However, despite the moving statements of Martin, the prosecutors were still not confirmed.

According to the prosecutors, portraying and showing Martin Shkreli as someone like "Horatio Alger-like figure" is simply a ploy. They also added that the jury could not just base their verdict on sympathies like what the defense was claiming that their client can do amazing things because of his intelligence and hard work.

But for the prosecutors, Martin Shkreli should not be treated like that since he was a con man who is always unfastened by his own words and mouth. Moreover, there were even claims saying that Martin harassed one of his former employees' family on the issue of shares of stock.

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