Eating Consciously Is The Key To Staying Healthy After Ramadan Fast, Say Health Experts

By Dipannita | Jun 27, 2017 05:16 AM EDT

As Eid celebrations take over, the month-long Ramadan fast is finally over. Eid is about feasting and there is a whole lot of dishes to try out but health experts suggest that one should eat in moderation and stay conscious about what one is eating.

This week witnesses the end of Ramadan and Eid celebrations are all set to take over and feasting is an important part of the festivities but health experts suggest one to exercise caution on Eid. According to CNN, the health experts say that one should go slowly and avoid temptation. They feel that breaking fast with Shir Khurma (a kind of milk pudding) is a good idea and also advise one to eat little portions. Indulgence may prove harmful and to avoid it, one should keep an eye on what one is eating and stay conscious during the feasts.

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Nutritionist Courtney Ferreira says that one should also go easy on sweet dishes, which comprise the major part of the treat. This is because, after the month-long fasting, the body is not in a position to handle a sudden increase in sugar level. It may cause nausea as well as gastrointestinal problems. However, eating diverse food items that provide protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients can help tide over these problems.

Getting back to normal eating routine after fasting is all about taking small steps and healthy eating. The latter can be ensured with the help of fruits and vegetables and most important of all, enough fluids. Since Ramadan forbids drinking during the daytime, there may be hydration issues for some and therefore, one should drink plenty of water to cover up for the deficiency.

Last but not the least, nutritionists feel that fasting helps in generating good bacteria in the body and they can be further energized by eating probiotic products such as yoghurt, cheese and the like. If one follows these tips, one can feast on Eid without any worries and also proceed to normal routine sans any hiccups.

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