New Spider-Man Game For PS4 and PS4 Pro Unveiled at E3 2017

By Dipannita | Jun 22, 2017 05:59 PM EDT

Last year at E3, gamers were introduced to Marvel's Spider-Man. Since the public introduction, Insomniac Game has been working hard for the extended version of the game. And finally, at Sony's E3 2017 press conference, the game lovers were given a sneak peek of the new trailer.

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, Marvel's Spider-Man was the center of attention at Sony's press conference and that too for all the right reasons. With intricate details, smooth play and fluid combat system, the game seemed very good to be true. An Insomniac Games representative said that a huge inspiration for developing the game came from the Spider-Man 2 game which was launched a decade ago.

Notably, the game has been exclusively designed for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, which will be available next year. However, this time, the game is not based on any movie. In fact, it has its own self-contained Spider-Man universe. The developers have focused highly on the movements of Spider-Man for complete perfection in Spider Man's combat and traversing movements. And, the best thing is the fact that the movements are 100% physics based.

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The visuals of Marvel's Spider-Man look impeccable, The Guardian reported. A modified Sunset Overdrive engine was used to show that the game was running smoothly on a PS4 Pro at the conference. The trailer of the game revealed that Spider-Man will be wearing a highly technically advanced suit.

The gamers will get a chance to explore the Manhattan city right after the game has been loaded. The Insomniac Games have accepted that Peter Parker is an equally important character in the game. Therefore, equal importance has been given to both Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

It is clearly evident that Insomniac Games have spent quite a lot of time in exploring the insane capabilities of Spider-Man. This, in turn, has brought a certain amount of perfection in the game. There is still no defined release date of the game.

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