China Launches Its First X-ray Space Telescope; Expected To Bring New Breakthroughs In Physics

By Carie P. | Jun 16, 2017 01:39 PM EDT

China just launched its first ever X-ray space telescope wherein the said launch will bring new developments and breakthroughs in the field of physics. With this purpose, it is then expected that the said space telescope will provide more information about black holes, gamma ray bursts, and pulsars.

The said X-ray space telescope was named "Insight" which was described as a 2.5 ton Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope. Latest reports have confirmed that China launched the said X-ray space telescope Thursday morning from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

Furthermore, Science Magazine reported that the China's X-ray space telescope was delivered into orbit 550 km above the Earth. After it was launched into the outer space, Chinese scientists mentioned that this will help them find out more about interiors of pulsars and magnetic fields. Moreover, "Insight" will also give them a better understanding and grasp of the black holes.

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Considering those purposes, the China's first ever X-ray space telescope will also search for new black hole activities through exploring the Milky Way. It is a known fact that black holes are usually hard to detect and discover but scientists were able to devise a way to deal with that.

Through studying the X-rays emitted by the celestial bodies, the scientists and experts were able to determine black holes. Besides, one signal that can help them with this is when a matter falls into a black hole, this object is accelerated and heated right away.

Since "Insight" is an X-ray space telescope, Phys Org claimed Chinese scientists will be able to determine black holes as well as stars which emit and give off X-rays. This China's satellite was also compared to other countries' space telescopes since this features a bigger detection area. With this, scanning the galaxy will be made easier through this innovative space instrument.

Meanwhile, the chief designer of the China's X-ray space telescope also gave an assurance that no matter how bright the objects in the space are, this telescope won't get blinded. The said space launch was the latest from China's multi-billion space initiatives.

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