California Uses So Much Solar Power That It Needs To Prepare For August Eclipse; U.S. State To Rely On Natural Gas, Hydroelectricity

By Carie P. | Jun 14, 2017 05:10 PM EDT

Reports escalated that the United States will experience a great solar eclipse in August and people in California are starting to worry because of the amount of solar power used in the previous months. The solar eclipse is expected to have an impact on the state's collection of solar energy.

With regards to several reports, the supply of solar energy in California was not that enough and sufficient that's why people started to worry about the solar eclipse on August 21. Because of this, some energy workers were forced to do ways in order to satisfy and meet the energy demands if the eclipse passes already.

In the midst of this solar power problem in California, Quartz reported that the energy workers already thought of ways on how they can deal with this come August 21. According to their plan, when the sun disappears behind the moon, they plan to get energy output from other sources.

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These sources which the energy workers considered beneficial at that time were natural gas and hydroelectricity. Then after the solar eclipse, the solar power will be swiftly reintroduced since that time, the sum will already reappear.

With this, it was also assured among the residents of California that they will not be able to notice eve a slight difference in the power supply even throughout the eclipse. The residents threw their concerns even if the said eclipse will not directly hit California.

Moreover, it was forecasted too that the eclipse will directly affect the Golden State which holds most of the U.S. solar-power generating capacity. California is then expected to lose 4,200 megawatts throughout the eclipse on August 21. Because of that, about 4.2 million homes will be affected.

Meanwhile, reports were rife that those households which depend on power that comes from rooftop solar panels will go offline. Those residents will have no choice but to resort to a grid for their power support.

California will really be challenged with the upcoming eclipse on August 21 as much of its solar power was already consumed. With this, they have to resort to hydroelectricity and natural gas to be able to still keep power support and supply.

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