OnePlus 5 Makes Headlines As Samsung, Oppo Release New Handsets; Product Manager Addresses Criticism On The Phone’s Design

By Carie P. | Jun 12, 2017 06:36 PM EDT

Reports confirmed that OnePlus 5 made headlines the past week as it dominated the news sections of almost all publications. This was revealed after Samsung and Oppo also released their latest phones. With that, it was found out that the upcoming device indeed dominated the list of best-read articles in the past days.

Apart from the OnePlus 5, Samsung just unveiled its latest devices the Galaxy J5 and its Galaxy J7. Meanwhile, Oppo also released its R11 and its R11 Plus flagships. Apart from those companies, Xiaomi also added a new color to its Mi 6 palette.

GSM Arena reported that while the consumers are looking forward to the release of the OnePlus 5, most of the phone companies are also doing their ways to produce innovative handsets. With this, it looks like Samsung and Nokia will never run out of ideas.

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Meanwhile, as the OnePlus 5 is set to be unveiled soon its product manager addressed some criticisms about the design of the phone. It can be recalled that some consumers were very vocal about how they were so displeased with the appearance of the phone.

The consumers particularly cited the camera bump which according to them is unappealing and that the design is very the same with that of the iPhone 7. Android Headlines claimed that the consumers directly criticized the makers and manufacturers of the OnePlus 5 as the company drew a parallel between those criticisms.

According to the company and the makers of the OnePlus 5, it is just normal to receive criticisms about their product since this is not already new to them. Before the company also received negative comments about their phone being ugly and generic but with the release of the OnePlus 3, all those vanished.

The company also added that consumers should not only depend their reaction and opinion on the pictures and videos they see since it is not yet the actual device. Instead, the consumers should give the OnePlus 5 a chance prior to making any conclusion or criticism. Besides, the company added that smartphone development is an art that needs making compromises.

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