China Is Shaping The Fastest Amphibious Combat Vehicle In The World

By Staff Writer | Jun 11, 2017 09:42 AM EDT

China is gearing up its military structure by building the world's fastest amphibious war vehicle. Most amphibious vehicles used for combat have difficulties moving in the water and China vows to change that concept.

The North China Institute of Vehicle Research has created a 4x4 armored fighting vehicle also known as AFV. This type of offensive vehicle can accelerate up to 31 miles per hour when traversing placid waters. This China's military amphibious vehicle is considerably the fastest in the world.

The amphibious vehicle utilizes its extreme power jets and streamlined hull to velocity through water reaching a maximum speed of about 50 kph. It sports a v-shaped hull to minimize the hydraulic drag which could also serve as a protection from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). China's amphibious vehicle garnered its towering speed because of its integrated pump jets along with its retractable wheels that go toward the hull to lessen drag, according to Popular Science.

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Even if it's just a proof-of-concept vehicle, the technology used is up to date. With a weight of nearly 5.5 tons (excluding armor or any installed weapons) the amphibious vehicle will travel fast of up to 18 miles per hour even if it carries armor. It is much faster compared to Terrex 2's 6 miles per hour amphibious speed and the United States Marine Corps' Amphibious Combat Vehicle AFV, BAE SuperAV.

In case this amphibious AFV from China joins the military service, it can be deployed from the Type 726 Chinese hovercraft, likewise with the Type 071 landing platform dock assault ships fleeting directly in waters and shorelines.

Meanwhile, China has begun constructing a new creation of huge amphibious attack vessels that will reinforce the navy. Military sources indicate that the big amphibious attack vessels will take part in the prominence of the country's transoceanic power.

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