Some guys have all the luck! The US Powerball Lottery announces on Saturday the sole winner of an approximately $448.7 million jackpot.

Following a 19-consecutive drawing with no produced winner makes the major prize to its rocket high in months in different US state lottery. The previous Powerball draw to announce a winner was in April, according to the California Lottery spokesman, Mike Bond. Among the 44 countries that participate in the US Powerball lottery include California, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C., the New York Daily News reported.

With the Saturday US Powerball lottery drawing, only one person emerged as the winner of approximately $448.7 million. The life-changing winning numbers were unveiled as 32, 26, 20, 38, and 58 in no random order with a Powerball 3. The winning ticket was bought in Sun City, California which complimented the Powerball winning numbers.

Powerball spokesman, Randy Miller stated that if a winner will emerge until 11:45 pm CDT. The chances of winning are merely one in 292.2 million which makes the only winner truly lucky.

The amount that was won from the Saturday draw is considered as the seventh biggest in the entire history of Powerball. It surpasses the Feb. 22 draw that amounted to a total of $453.3 million with the ticket bought in Indiana. The winner was a manufacturing plant worjuker who was also a graduate of Purdue University. The winner preferred the option of claiming the cash in lump-sum which amounted to $263.5 million.

Typically, every cash prize is inclusive of tax and speaking of millions, the winner should expect a large deduction. According to the estimation of the lottery site,, the federal tax holding back on the lump sum which amounted to $273.1 million, would be around $68.28 million. Additionally, the state taxes could fetch up to $24.1 million, citing New York as the vilest offender. The winner will be burdened with a final which could be probably higher.