China Gives Full Support To President Duterte’s Drug War Following Successful Joint Operation

By Carie P. | May 30, 2017 05:55 AM EDT

China just expressed and offered its full support to President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war in the Philippines. This was confirmed after the anti-drug authorities in China conducted a joint operation with the said country wherein 1, 331 pounds of methamphetamine were seized.

With this latest report, it was also confirmed that China will always back the Philippines when it comes to the latter's drug-related programs. According to Business Standard, the officials of Beijing just confirmed last Monday that whatever happens with the drug war of Duterte, China will always support it.

Concerning the said joint operation, the National Narcotics Control Commission of China said that it was a major victory in collaboration between the two Asian countries. It can be recalled that China and Philippines through President Duterte just agreed to fight drug-related crimes after the signing of the bilateral agreement last October.

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The said joint operation resulted in the arrest of 13 members of cross-border drug traffickers. With this, one suspect was arrested in Valenzuela City, Philippines while the twelve more were caught in Xiamen City, China. The collaboration was successful after Chinese authorities informed the Philippines about the case.

In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte is very firm in implementing war on drugs despite oppositions from several groups. According to Channel News Asia, this war on drugs which started last June of 2016 violates human rights as these already resulted in approximately 7,000 deaths so far.

However, President Duterte's fight against drugs in the Philippines remains unshakable even if international groups and human rights organizations were already throwing their firm opposition to it. The head of the country that was once described as an "iron fist" defended his stand telling that these drugs are destroying the younger generations.

Even if China and Philippines are in conflict with regards to the Scarborough Shoal, the two countries share one goal. Eradication of drugs and related crimes are what matters more to Beijing and most especially to President Duterte.

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