Nitrogen Oxide Poses Threat To Human Health, Lax Emission Regulations Partly To Be Blamed

By Carie P. | May 16, 2017 06:01 PM EDT

A recent study just confirmed that nitrogen oxide is actually threatening the human health because of the toxic and harmful substances it contains. However, a group of experts said that the only intervention so this can be prevented is through putting up emission regulations.

It was reported that there are a large number of premature deaths in the year 2015 and the main factor that caused this was due to nitrogen oxide which humans can inhale. Out from this report, it was also claimed that these gasses come from cars and vehicles.

It can be recalled that last 2015, as to the number of premature deaths associated with nitrogen oxide, a scandal also broke in Volkswagen diesel. According to Ars Technica, the company produced an excess of the life-threatening nitrogen oxide from their cars. Moreover, it was also claimed that the amount of nitrogen oxide was more than the requirement of the emission regulations.

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Apart from this, another report came out which said that when these cars were tested in the laboratories, the gasses they emitted were clear but it can be already different on the road. It was then found out that the company's cars made use of undisclosed defeat devices which the emission regulators were not aware of.

With this, some experts and authorities were suggesting that emission regulations need to be firm and strict when it comes to the implementation of its policies, particularly in testing. This is because, on the first place, this regulating body knows that car will run dirtier throughout the real-world driving than during the lab testing.

Because of this, The Guardian reported that a new research also supported the claim that besides the presence of nitrogen oxide, the emission regulation bodies is partly to be blamed too. It was claimed that these bodies were lax in implementing their policies and rules when it comes to testing that also contributed to the death of 38, 000 people across the globe last 2015.

There is no denial that nitrogen oxide is dangerous to human health but this can be prevented if the emission regulations are only firm with their interventions. Moreover, the car manufacturers also need to make sure that they can meet the standards of the emission regulations.

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