WannaCry Ransomware Second Wave Attack Infects More Systems; U.S. Government To Discuss Solutions To Stop Threat

By Carie P. | May 15, 2017 07:08 PM EDT

WannaCry Ransomware is already in its second wave and it has been reported to have been hitting and attacking more systems, worse in a lot of countries. To deal with this threat, the U.S government through the White House has organized meetings and for relevant discussions.

As this threatens a lot of countries, Asian countries are not certain of how this WannaCry Ransomware will affect them and how hard will it attack them. But they said that they will not be able to determine the extent of its threat until this Monday.

According to Gizmodo, a group of hackers named Shadow Brokers is the one behind this WannaCry Ransomware which they leaked on the Internet previously. This WannaCry is actually composed of hacking tools like the one that is vulnerable in Windows. And the report added that this is being used by NSA in order to provide the agency with a backdoor whenever the need arises.

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Because of this, NSA has been receiving backlash and blame too. But Microsoft already dealt with the vulnerability when the leaks happened only that majority of the systems were not that updated. As of the moment, there are recorded 200, 000 victims in varied countries as a result of the WannaCry Ransomware.

This WannaCry Ransomware also works by locking up the data of the users and to in order to retrieve these, the victim needs to give $300 to $600. Many people and companies are blaming the NSA and the agency is now partly accountable for this. As a result, many manufacturers stopped their operations, patients were denied by hospitals, and the malfunctioning of ATMs.

In the midst of this problem and the WannaCry Ransomware second wave attack, Star Tribune reported that a group of cyber security professionals has been tasked to clean up the mess. And Politico reported that it's good the U.S. has not been greatly infected.

This WannaCry Ransomware mostly affected Europe and Asia and the threat is spreading if this will not be dealt with. With the start of the work week, experts fear that this will bring more attacks in different offices and agencies.

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