The 35 Russian diplomats expelled by President Barack Obama left US on Sunday, the plane took off with all the affected personnel and their families. Obama ordered the expulsion of the Russian diplomats due to the alleged hacking of the US Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton campaign during the presidential election. Donald Trump has serious doubts about the alleged hacking and promised a revelation about it. A spokesperson for the Russian embassy in the US confirmed the departure of the plane from Washington on New Year's Day, the aircraft was part of the Rossiya airline's special flight detachment group. Obama gave the diplomats just 72 hours to leave United States. 

Trump does not agree with the US sanctions

Trump declared that Americans "ought to get on with our lives" rather than sanction Russia. He also declared that he knows some things that other people do not know and that he will make it public soon.

The diplomats were suspected spies and the removals of diplomats are part of the sanctions against Russia. Obama also included other punishments such as the closure of Russian compounds in New York and Maryland.

The cyberattacks were emails made public after they were stolen from the Democratic National Committee and from the campaign of Hilary Clinton, the nominee of the democrats.

Vladimir Putin on this issue 

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, declared that he would not stoop to irresponsible diplomacy, he attempts to repair relations when Donald Trump takes power. Trump considered the decision of Vladimir Putin as very smart. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will not take immediate retaliatory action, instead he is waiting Donald Trump to take office on Jan. 20. 

Putin and Trump have good relations and it is supposed that diplomatic relations between United States and Russia will improve.