Mexico Named 2016 2nd Deadliest Country Due To Increasing Death Toll From Drug War

By Carie P. | May 10, 2017 08:58 AM EDT

Mexico was just named and considered as the second deadliest country for the year 2016 because of the increasing number of fatalities. These deaths have been caused by the massive drug war in the nation and the rivalries between the cartels.

It was reported that it is only now that this was given notice since the international news organizations failed to recognize this incidence in Mexico. What made headlines in the previous years were the civil wars in Syria and Afghanistan.

CNN reported that though the fatalities and death tolls in Afghanistan and Syria are significantly high, Mexico crime rates are different in such a way that most of these are connected to small arms crimes. With this, the country came second to Syria last year with 23, 000 and 50, 000 number of fatalities respectively.

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Even if the fatalities in Syria and Iraq are so significant, they have been surpassed by the crime rates in Mexico in terms of lethality. The only factor why this news did not top the headline was because less attention was given to it by the media.

However, the primary cause of this increasing death toll is the rivalry between the cartels in the 32 states of Mexico. It was reported that this conflict also affects a great number of civilians who have nothing to do with narcotics and drugs.

According to Fox News, the rivalries between the cartels became worse as each of them try to expand their territory or their campaigns for the drug business. They need to make sure that they must get rid of their rivals so they can dominate a certain place; thus, securing a monopoly of these drug-trafficking ways and other forms of criminal acts.

Lastly, it has been claimed that the reason why the media did not pay so much attention to this incident in Mexico was because it was not politically motivated in the first place. This means that those people involved in drug wars do not have a political intention while doing the crime.

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