Venezuela’s Massive Demonstration’s Death Toll Rises To 29: Protesters Demand For End To Socialist’s Rule [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 28, 2017 07:40 AM EDT

Venezuela is currently facing the adversity of massive anti-government demonstrations which already resulted in 29 deaths. According to a report, the demonstration which now affected the country's stability started early of April this year.

It was reported that people in Venezuela most especially the students have been demanding to put an end to the almost decade-rule of socialism. It can be recalled that President Nicolas Maduro is a socialist himself and his people just want him out of his office.

Apart from this reason, one of the demonstrators also said that they already want to put an end to all the ills that they are suffering from hunger, poverty, as well as murders. So far, this massive demonstration is the most violent one since 2014 as reported by Huffington Post.

The South American country is currently experiencing economic crisis and this adds to the wrath of the people which perhaps led to the demonstration. As told by most of the protesters, they insisted that they will stay on the streets until they will see change.

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According to the latest reports, a 20-year old demonstrator just got killed last Wednesday after he was being hit by a gas canister. Apart from this, earlier this week, the authorities also reported another two fatalities, a 22-year old that died from a gunshot wound and a 28-year old supporter of the government.

On one hand, Reuters reported that some supporters of the Venezuelan socialist president also went out on the streets to show their support to Maduro, a former bus driver who succeeded Chavez. Moreover, reports also claimed that Maduro was blaming his opponents as they are trying to plot a coup against him and to remove him from the office.

Lastly, the opponents of President Maduro are also demanding him to release all those who were jailed because of opposing the government. The president was also reported of grabbing his dictatorial powers. Apart from this, they also want to conduct a general election which could someday decide the fate of the people of Venezuela.

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