Former U.S. President Barack Obama re-emerges in public after leaving the White House three months ago. The former head of the most powerful country delivered a speech in a certain gathering and he also avoided giving snide remarks about the current administration.

As some were hoping that Barack Obama will give comments that would possibly incite a clash between him and Donald Trump, which did not happen. The people were left disappointed somehow as the former president chose to talk about what can help the country most especially on the lessons he learned when he was young.

Donald Trump's predecessor, Obama attended a 90-minute forum hosted by the University of Chicago as per CNN. Obama imparted important lessons he acquired being a young community organizer in Chicago years back. With this, he also pledged to help form the next generation of leaders but he failed to mention anything about Trump's administration.

This was Barack Obama's highly anticipated public appearance which just happened days before the 100-day mark of the administration of Donald Trump. Even if Obama is avoiding ways that might trigger a clash between him and the current administration, still adviser of the former president was claiming that this is far from the mind of the former commander-in-chief.

When he spoke before an audience last Monday, Barack Obama mentioned that he has little interest in his latest appearance and as a spokesperson for the Democratic Party. Moreover, he also declined to comment on the foreign policy and issues on health care.

With this, Barack Obama opted not to comment on anything that has something to do with President Donald Trump. Instead, he shared that the most important thing is to help prepare the next generation as effective leaders and how they could contribute to the world as per New York Times.

Even if Former President Barack Obama did not directly hit President Donald Trump last Monday, sources claimed that if ever given the chance, he would choose to be forthcoming. Further, the last time Obama made comments on some issues these days concerning the country was when he gave his opinion about immigration.