Researchers Working On Self-Charging Battery Sans Solar Panels

By Dipannita | Apr 27, 2017 03:46 AM EDT

A self-charging battery is something that is no longer a figment of imagination or wishful thinking as scientists are working on it. A group of researchers is doing significant work to make a battery that charges itself without any solar panels and the research has the backing of Hydro-Quebec, a Canadian energy company.

A battery that does not need any external help to charge itself could become a reality in future as scientists are working on building such a powerful battery. According to Digital Trends, researchers at the McGill University of Montreal have come up with the idea of using dye-synthesized molecular solar cells and lithium-ion material to power this invention.

The scientists have given it the name of "light assisted battery charging" but it is still too early to make any predictions about the success of this project. The study is still in nascent stage and the technicalities associated with the paper are way too many and too complex. Still, the researchers are hopeful.

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They are working with the mission of building a hybrid solar battery system that will be able to charge small devices such as cell phones in future days. Andrea Paolella, the lead researcher of the study, has said that the working of the battery is not very simple and the experiments are being carried out under highly controlled conditions in labs. In fact, the sunlight that is the prime source of energy for the experiment was also not natural.

It was created with the help of calibrated solar simulator machine. Nonetheless, the work that has been done till now has proven that solar cells can generate energy and hence the group of researchers would be taking the experiment forward to the second level.

So, the stage is set for the exploration of anode technology in this self-charging battery and if everything goes well, one can receive more good news in the times to come.Well, ecologists and conservationists would be definitely rooting for this experiment as it promises them the panacea for charging multiple electronic devices in a safe eco-friendly manner.

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