China Installs Surveillance Cameras in Churches By Force, Some Christians Resist

By N. Gutierrez | Apr 04, 2017 09:49 AM EDT

China was reported to install surveillance cameras all over churches. The campaign was then said to be done for “anti-terrorism and security purposes.” Hence, some fights with Christians broke through for some of the installation was reported to be done by force.

According to South China Morning Post, the Zhejiang government had already issued to put surveillance cameras in churches since 2015 but was just recently put into effect. The reason for the implementation delay was refused to be disclosed. China’s campaign was said to install cameras at gates, rostrums, offering boxes and other places amid churchgoers protesting their right to privacy.

"Government officials came to the churches and put up cameras by force. Some pastors and worshipers who didn't agree to the move were dragged away," one unidentified Christian in Wenzhou stated. "Some people needed to be treated in a hospital after fighting the officials."

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Mashable then shared a post from a netizen that showed a damaged church gate. The China authorities were then said to be the cause of that and are said to force their enter. "A number of churches were destroyed in Wenzhou during the forced installation of surveillance cameras. Ironic that they were installing it for security reasons!" the post on Weibo captioned.

Yet, it wasn’t the first time that China fought Christians. Back in 2014, crosses at the top of churches were removed deeming them as "illegal structures." The move by China then resulted to one demolished church and 360 crosses removed.

Missionary pastor Yan Xiaojie then said that the CCTV camera campaign made them reminiscent the cross removal. Meanwhile, after protesting to the “cross demolition” Wenzhou pastor Huang Yizi was jailed back in 2015. He is now being closely watched after informing overseas about China’s campaign on putting up surveillance cameras.

Some Christians were then said to be confused and commented that “We Christians do good deeds and we don’t do anything to endanger the public." They then said that they don't understand why the government is monitoring them.

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