New Studies Proof That Dinosaurs May Not Be Dimorphic

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 30, 2017 01:16 PM EDT

Palaeontology has been the matter of interest for the past few decades. Scientists are now able to discover new facts about different types of animal which lived in the year millions of years ago. When it comes to the animal who lived on the planet earth million of years ago dinosaurs is surely considered as one of them. It was one of the dominant creatures of the planet earth in the Jurassic age.

When it comes to the detailed study of the Jurassic animals then it can be easily said that scientists have progressed a lot. At the same time, they are able to decode some tough genetic codes of those dinosaurs as well. But when it comes to defining the sex of the dinosaurs scientists are really in doubt about it.

At first, Scientists thought that the sex of the dinosaurs can be defined by the size of the dinosaur fossils. At the same time, scientists took the shape and size of the bone into considerations as well. But one of those palaeontologists has said there is no such evidence which can determine the sex of the dinosaurs. 

According to scientists at Cambridge University, there are many species in the world where male and female do look same. At the same time, there are differences as well. When male and female do not look same, then it is called sexual dimorphism. Though there are many scientists think that dinosaurs are dimorphic but at the same time, there are few groups who opposes this statement. According to those scientists fossils, pieces of evidence are not enough which can proof if scientists were dimorphic or not.

Though, currently, there are not much evidence. But if archaeologists are able to dig up more fossils then it will surely provide enough evidence which can help to come to any conclusion. It will help to determine if dinosaurs were really dimorphic. 

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