Researchers Say Breastfeeding Does Not Provide Cogntive Benefits

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 29, 2017 12:02 PM EDT

Breastfeeding is always recommended by the doctors to the newborn babies. Doctors have suggested that breastmilk is very efficient when it comes to dealing with infections and other dangerous diseases. At the same time, doctors believe that breastfeeding can give cognitive benefits to the children as well. But recent studies have raised questions about this fact.

Previous studies on breastmilk indicated that it can be really helpful for a newborn baby at the same time it can have a positive effect on the intelligence of the children. Initially, scientists suggested that the nutrients present in the breastmilk is the main reason for that but in long run breast milk have no positive cognitive effects.

In order to be sure about the facts, scientists have performed an experiment on about 7500 children in Ireland. Where the children are generally separated into two groups. One group where the children are breastfed and another group where children are denied from the breastfeeding.

In the experiment, children were evaluated based on different aspects. The problem-solving skills and the vocabulary skills were tested. At the same time, the behaviour and the communication skills of the children were tested as well. After the experiment, there was no solid evidence which can positively proof that the children who are breastfed are more intelligent and sharp than the children who are not. Therefore, it can be easily stated that breastfeeding does not provide any cognitive benefits.

According to the Independent, though breastfeeding does not have any cognitive benefits but the children who are denied from the breastfeeding have less hyperactive behaviour. Though the age of the children was only around three years.

Current studies show that breast milk does not have any kind of positive impact on the intelligence of the children but still, it is always recommended that Childen must not be denied from the breastfeeding. If children get proper breastfeeding then it will be really useful for them in the early stage of development. 

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