How Much Energy Can Bring The Acutual Time Machine In Reality

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 29, 2017 09:41 AM EDT

Time travel is one of the most important subjects of science fiction stories. But over the years, many scientists believed that time travel will not be restricted just to stories. There is two popular hypothesis of Science fiction was made. These hypotheses are called Cosmic Strings and Wormhole tunneling.

The Wormhole tunnel theory is completely based on a hypothesis. In the Wormhole tunnel theory, it is said that two bidirectional tunnels are used in order to connect two space-time locations. Though there are few scientists believe that the hypothesis can be executed in the real life. But the energy and power required in order to perform such execution are beyond imagination. In fact, Physicist Michio Kaku said that the energy required to perform the hypothesis is beyond the capabilities of humans. There are few group of scientists who think that the energy required to perform this hypothesis may take the energy of a star.

According to the Cosmic String Hypothesis, the energy required in order to create a time machine is the way t higher. This hypothesis says that the energy required to design a time machine is going to keep increasing. At the same time, the amount of energy required is near about the energy stored in a galaxy. 

Therefore, it can be easily said this kind of experiments can be performed in super civilized colonies. The time and energy both of these parameters are hugely related to each other. Therefore, it is really clear that the energy which will be required in order to design a time machine is huge. Though, the hypothesis of the real-time time machine can be established. But the main problem in order to design such machines is the amount of energy required. Therefore, right now it looks like designing real-time time machines will be kept in imaginations only. 

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