Astronomers Are Hoping To Witness A Blackhole Event For The First TIme In History

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 27, 2017 10:55 AM EDT

Blackhole has been the matter of interest to different scientists in the world since the existence of the Blackhole was mentioned. Blackhole has also attracted different moviemakers and writers too. But the world has never witnessed a live Blackhole event. Now it looks like the wait is going to end very soon. Astronomers are expecting to witness a Blackhole event for the very first time in the history.

Space science has witnessed a very significant amount of improvement over the last few decades. But scientists have never witnessed any Blackhole event till now. If the scientists are able to witness the Blackhole event then it can be a new discovery of the space science. In order to witness the Blackhole event, astronomers are willing to connect a good number of powerful telescopes and it will help to snap the first image of Blackhole.

According to the University of Bath, Black holes are considered as the strongest part of the space. Nothing can go beyond the Blackhole and that includes the time. Therefore, there are many scientists believe that the time may have started from the Blackholes. At the same time, many scientists believe that even light can not go past the Blackhole. Therefore, witnessing a Blackhole event can be considered as a great event.

Astronomers have also discovered that there are thousands of Blackholes are present in the universe. There are some Blackholes which are even larger than the Sun. Generally, these kinds of Blackholes are present in the super-massive Universe.

Now Scientists are very close to witnessing the Blackhole event. But it is not going to be the walk in the park. There are plenty of dust and gas are roaming around the Blackhole. These elements can be the reason of the distortion of light and at the same time, it can affect the gravitational field of the earth as well.

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