‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristen Storms Takes Extended Break From Show; Nathan Worries About His Future, Relationship With Maxie [VIDEO]

By Carie P. | Mar 22, 2017 05:29 PM EDT

"General Hospital" spoilers claim that Kristen Stewart will be taking an extended break from the show and there is no explanation as to her three months absence. However the writers of the show came up with an idea and this will lead to a shocking exit for Maxie.

It's very hard for the fans as well as for the show to explain the absence of Maxie and what this will imply to Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). It can be recalled that Ryan also took a break from "General Hospital" because he filmed a movie and now Kristen's absence extends even on his return. This will only mean that Nathan will return to Port Charles but without his wife.

Maxie and Nathan are newlyweds and it looks very odd for her to just disappear out of his husband's life as what has been suggested by "General Hospital" spoilers. But it' a guarantee that the writers of the show keep a plan in order to fix the plot since they already knew this news ahead as mentioned on ABC.

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Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) firing Maxie removes Kristen out from that plot but there is no event in the story that could lead to her exit. She was happily married to Nathan and her only problem was her unemployment at Crimson. "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that perhaps the writers are up to something that will cause Maxie running out of Port Charles.

Apart from this, the writers of the show could also have a plot wherein it will be in an out of town if they would not want to ruin a possible return of Kristen Storms or a recast. They can also have Little Georgie Spinelli to get sick so Maxie will rush to him to be with her child and her baby daddy as per Soap Hub.

Meanwhile, more "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Nathan is starting to get worried about his future and this could be about his career or his relationship with Maxie. As of this moment, the management of the show has not shared any information yet regarding the fate of Maxie but they will do this soon.

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