Angelina Jolie Faces Another Controversy Amid Divorce Battle With Brad Pitt [Report]

By Carie P. | Mar 20, 2017 11:38 AM EDT

Angelina Jolie is reportedly facing another and latest controversy despite her ongoing divorce battle with Brad Pitt. The latest reports were claiming that the actress is going through problem with regards to the adoption process she had undertaken before with her eldest son, Maddox in Cambodia.

It has been reported that Angelina Jolie actually used a documentation which contained false information about her son. This has been confirmed and revealed by a Cambodian aid worker, Mounh Sarath, 51.

As reported on Daily Mail, Sarath said that he was the one who pretended and wrote as the father of Maddox Jolie-Pitt on the adoption paper of the boy. The reason for this was to speed up the adoption process before passing Maddox to the actress way back 2003. Apart from this, he also claimed that he put a local address on the papers as well and still has the power of attorney over the boy.

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Sarath even shared that Maddox is still his son basing on the court documents and Angelina Jolie did not even hesitate to clear this up. What the actress did according to the Cambodian was for her to change his name and the only way was for Sarath to do it. Now, he has fallen out with the actress and added that he would be pleased if Cambodia did not see or welcome her again.

The Cambodian aid worker also shared The Sun the document he was referring with a court in Battambong province last 2003 of August and the court confirmed him as the father. Amidst these claims by Sarath, there was no implication that Angelina Jolie who then adopted Maddox, knew that he actually did this. It can be recalled that the US imposed strict restrictions on adopting children from Cambodia because of trafficking issues and the time of Maddox adoption coincided with this.

This claim is the latest controversy which involves that adoption of Maddox. But before, Angelina Jolie insisted that she went to great lengths to ensure her son with Brad Pitt did not have a living biological mother in Cambodia.

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