Reports: Antarctica Hosts UFO Base

By Carlos Gutierrez | Dec 29, 2016 10:20 AM EST

Recent reports surface recently about a UFO base in Antarctica, buried beneath the massive ice shelf. NASA satellite photos and all the last trips made by high-ranking officials to the Antarctica backed the claims.

It seems that recent events have conspired to give new life to the modern myth and conspiracy theory of a flying saucer technology and an underground base operating in Antarctica. SecureTeam10, a Youtube channel, posted a video where UFO hunters believe that a decade-old anomaly discovered in NASA photos suggests the existence of UFO bases built by Nazis during World War II. The images show many entrances built into the side of mountains, with the shape of a saucer and at a very high altitude. 

Another new addendum to the Nazi UFO theory is U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's recent trip to Antarctica. But, as the Washington Post reported, Kerry's trip was to highlight the effects of climate change.

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Conspiracy theorists suggest that the US Navy has been sent to investigate the secret UFO bases. The NASA photos of Antarctica show a massive anomaly that stretches 185 miles wide in a region known as Wilkes Land. But even the scientist who discovered the anomaly, Ralph von Frese, said this impression was made by a gigantic asteroid impact.

The Antarctic Nazi UFO theory was seen as not valid by Naturemagazine in 2007 because Germany sent just one mission to Antarctica, hoping to establish a viable whaling outpost, and stayed just one day there. 

Anyway, the Antarctic Nazi UFO base theory keeps growing, possibly due to the power of suggestion, misguided thinking, and other factors.

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