Putin: Russian Military Is Stronger Than Anyone Else

By Debapriya Dutta | Dec 23, 2016 10:35 AM EST

A recent comment by Russian President Vladimir Putin has depicted that Russia is now fully equipped with the most modern weapons and military capability. Even it is strong enough to give a direct and prompt answer to its potential foes.

Actually, Putin had attended the annual meeting with the defense ministry and uttered, "We can say with certainty, we are stronger now than any potential aggressor". President Vladimir Putin made this comment to indicate the military strength of Russia.

It is now a known fact that the tension between the Russia and the west already increased thousand fold after the interferes of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. In 2014 the annexation of Russia in Crimea created a great uproar.

Even Russia's involvement in the conflict in the eastern parts of Ukraine also intensified the tension between Russia and the west.

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Last year Russia supported the President of Syria, Bashar Assad, and began an air force operation, that ultimately created a tension between the US and the Russia. The operation was very significant as it produced the strength of the military power of Russia.

This year, Both Russia and NATO members performed the military drills close to the Russian border. Russia has clearly clarified the aim of this military drill. It is said that Russia conducted the drill to avert the NATO threat, and to protect the border as well as the sovereignty.

According to Shoigu, the Defense Minister of Russia, it was for the first time that Russia has tried to cover and protect the complete border of the country. Even he declared that Russia is going to send more troops to the Arctic region, and south- west border.

It is a clear fact that Russia always tries to have a strong foothold in the world arena. Even persons who are aware of the cold war can easily understand that the aim of Russia is to be a key part of the world power.

Putin also added that Russia should respond quickly in "adjusting plans to neutralize potential threats".

It is a proven fact that every super power country always tries to keep its domination in the international arena.  Russia, as a superpower country also tries to have this dominating power.

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