The final lap of the race to the White House has started. Although the November election results revealed Donald Trump as the winning presidential candidate, many are still believing that fate can be twisted if the electoral college decided otherwise. 

On Monday around 538 Electoral College, members of each state and Columbian district assembled with the purpose of proclaiming of who will be the next President of the US.
The loss of Trump in the popular vote has led to the calling in of the Labyrinthine Electoral College. Amongst the 10 electors, Texas Republican Christopher Suprun and Christine Pelosi all asked for an intelligence briefing.

This after the CIA and the FBI reports revealed of a Russian intervention in the recently concluded presidential race. The major portion of the meetings happened in state capitals such as California, Washington, Louisiana, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Florida.

There is every possibility of electors going rogue in one day. In the past it, the election of the president has more often forbidden the laws of the state.  They have in fact done what parties have ruled. However, right from the time of election on November 8, there has been a constant aim to deny Mr. Trump 270 votes he needed to become the President.

His total tally is 306 votes and in order to make his total under 270, about 37 winning candidates from the state Trump won, will need to jump ships. But so far only eight of them fit into that list. Remainders of them are from the Mrs. Clintons state that is hopeful that by changing votes to some other representative, a Republican variant to Mr. Trump is definitely mentioned. There has been some harsh messaging send from Arizona. Some of those threats came in the form of Christmas cards. 

Some also hold that that Mr. Trump for President seems to be a part of the conspiracy. Rumors hold that Mr. Trump might be working for Vladimir V Putin and by becoming the president, it could be a ploy to take over the USA. More menacing messages such as putting the nation above political party and preventing Mr. Trump from presidential elections are heard.