Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson embarrassed by protester during event

By Wilfredo Pantua Jr. | Sep 23, 2016 04:51 AM EDT

Mayors, being the head executive of cities, often receive due respect and adulation from their constituents. But such hasn't been the case for ex-NBA All Star Kevin Johnson, who's now the mayor of California's capital, Sacramento.

Just recently, Johnson received disgraceful treatment from a protester, who hit him with a pie on the face., reported that a local activist, Sean Thompson, took a coconut cream pie from his bag, grabbed Johnson from behind and hit him with it during a charity event in Sacramento. The mayor then fought back by tackling the man, who now face assault charges.

The report also indicates the protester's anger towards Johnson, who, according to him, dedicated his political energy to the "city's basketball team" at the expense of Sacramento's education woes and the homeless.

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In another report by Yahoo News, Johnson's Chief of Staff Crystal Strait was shocked and still shaken by what had happened. She also said that there's nothing funny about the incident as it is a very serious and scary situation. The report also said that Thompson received treated for a minor injury first before facing imprisonment. 

Johnson, an ex-NBA All-Star player, began his career as a rookie for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He eventually moved to the Phoenix Suns, where he carved his name as one of the league's best players and ended his career there. From there, he was elected as Sacramento mayor in 2008 and reelected in 2012.

For now, Johnson's not looking to seek a third term with just two months left in his post.

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