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Brooklyn Double Homicide

Girl, 15, Charged With Murder After Admitting To Killing Her Mother, Mother's Boyfriend

Jan 05, 2016 12:02 PM EST

A 15-year-old girl has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a firearm after she admitted to killing her mother and mother's boyfriend in "self-defense."

Sara Mutschlechner

Sara Mutschlechner: UNT Student Fatally Shot In Suspected Road Rage Incident

Jan 05, 2016 09:17 AM EST

Police are on the hunt for suspects connected to the murder of a University of North Texas student who was driving back back from a New Year's Eve party on Friday.

Rachel Hutson

Virginia Woman Kills Mom, Sends Photo Of Body To Dad

Jan 04, 2016 12:26 PM EST

A Virginia woman was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the fatal shooting of her terminally ill mother.

Outside The Home Of Gisela Mota

Temixco Mayor Murder UPDATE: Hitmen Found To Have Connections To Other Gang-Related Violence

Jan 02, 2016 05:31 PM EST

The hit men who assassinated Gisela Mota a day after her inauguration as mayor of Temixco have been identified as having connections to other gang-related violence throughout the region.

Gang Violence in El Salvador

Gang-Related Violence In El Salvador Leaves 10 Dead

Jan 02, 2016 02:16 PM EST

2016 started on a violent note in El Salvador after two separate incidents left 10 people dead, including one child, on New Years Day.

Crime Scene Tape

Florida Mother Allegedly Murders Child In Ritualistic Killing Before Stabbing Herself

Dec 31, 2015 04:47 PM EST

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen is not ruling out ritualistic killing in the 3-year-old boy who was allegedly murdered by his mother. Investigation into the death continues.

Rajib Haider

Bangladesh Blogger Killing Suspects Receive Death Sentence

Dec 31, 2015 09:45 AM EST

Two students responsible for the murder of secular blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider were sentenced to death, marking the first conviction in a series of such killings.

Mexico's Drug Wars

Founder Of Mexico's Notorious "La Familiia" Drug Cartel Murdered; Body Found in Western Mexico

Dec 29, 2015 11:48 PM EST

Carlos Rosales Mendoza, one of Mexico's most wanted drug lords, has been found dead by a highway in the western state of Morelia.

Jason Van Dyke

Jason Van Dyke Pleads Not Guilty To Murder Charges In Shooting Of Laquan McDonald

Dec 29, 2015 12:21 PM EST

Jason Van Dyke appeared in Cook County Criminal Court Tuesday where he pleaded not guilty to the murder of Laquan McDonald.

El Salvador's Alfredo Pacheco shot dead

Alfredo Pacheco, Former El Salvador National Soccer Player, Shot Dead

Dec 28, 2015 05:33 PM EST

El Salvador's most-capped soccer player was shot dead this weekend while at a gas station west of the country's capital city.

Robert Lewis Dear

Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Asks To Represent Himself In Court

Dec 23, 2015 09:10 PM EST

A Colorado judge has ordered that Robert Lewis Dear receive a competency evaluation after he declared that he wishes to represent himself in multiple murder trial.

Lisa Akbari

Afghan-American And Army Veteran Lisa Akbari Killed In Kabul, Afghanistan

Dec 21, 2015 02:28 PM EST

Afghan-American Lisa Akbari was found fatally shot in her apartment building and officials believe a mullah was responsible for the attack.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Argues There's No Proof Vladimir Putin Had Journalists, Opponents Murdered

Dec 21, 2015 11:46 AM EST

Following up on recent praise issued to Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump has come up in defense of the Russian president once more, saying there's no proof he's had journalists and dissidents murdered.

Stephen Port

Stephen Port: U.K. Police Appeal To Public For Information On Serial Killer Case

Dec 17, 2015 03:51 AM EST

Detectives in the U.K. have asked the public for any information linked to Stephen Port and his four alleged serial murders.

Secret Service

Suspended Secret Service Officer Shot, Killed In Southwest Washington, D.C.

Dec 16, 2015 04:14 PM EST

A suspended Secret Service officer was killed just several hours after his status hearing.

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