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The 8th Annual New York Culinary Experience Presented By New York Magazine And The International Culinary Center - Day 2

Gluten-Free Diet Not Linked To Higher Risks Of Heart Diseases, Claims Recent Study

May 05, 2017 06:20 AM EDT

Gluten found in whole grains is not linked to higher risks of heart diseases, suggests a new study.

Low temperatures intensfy the steam emissions from the Ineos Enterprises brine purification plant on December 30, 2014 in Northwich, United Kingdom.

Experts Reveal Particle Pollution’s Adverse Effect To Health, Association With Lung Cancer [Report]

May 04, 2017 09:40 AM EDT

Medical experts just revealed that particle pollution is directly associated with lung cancer since these particles contain solid and liquid substances.

Raw chocolates are served during CBD For Life future of healing event held at the Alchemists Kitchen on April 19, 2017 in New York City.

Liver Hormone not a Stressful Day Responsible for Sweet Tooth, Suggests Recent Study

May 04, 2017 06:18 AM EDT

Recent study suggests that it is a hormone secreted in the liver that induces a person to reach out for sugary treats.

Mystery Bee Illness Threatens U.S. Honey Production

Agricultural Production Improves Health Of Honey Bees: Urban Activities Relate To Colony Development [Report]

May 03, 2017 07:00 PM EDT

A new study claimed that the agricultural production is correlated to the health of honey bees even with the use of pesticides won't risk bee hives.

Festival-goers wave glowsticks at a screening of 'When The Drum Is Beating' during the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival at North Cove at World Financial Center Plaza on April 22, 2011 in New York City.

Scientists Develop Glow Sticks Helpful In Cancer Diagnosis: Device Used As Molecular Probes [Report]

May 02, 2017 10:10 AM EDT

Scientists from the Tel Aviv University just developed glow sticks which would be helpful for detecting cancer cells while this is also used as molecular probes.

Miami Beach Sprays To Combat Zika Virus Carrying Mosquitoes

Mosquito Season Starts In Virginia: Residents Advised To Check Stagnant Water In Yards [Report]

May 01, 2017 08:32 AM EDT

The mosquito season has already started in Virginia and with this, the health authorities have advised the residents to check on standing water in their backyards.

Worried Pet Owners React To Massive Pet Food Recall

Pet Food Company Issues Product Recall After Positive Testing For Pentobarbital [Report]

Apr 30, 2017 08:44 AM EDT

A pet food company based in California has been ordered to recall some of its pet food products because it has been tested that they contain a substance which is usually found in euthanasia drugs.

The planet Saturn is seen in the first color composite made of images taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft on its approach to the ringed planet, October 21, 2002.

Cassini Captures Striking Images Of Saturn & Its Rings, Reveals Huge Hurricane

Apr 28, 2017 06:08 PM EDT

Cassini has come up with unprecedented images of Saturn and its rings, giving the closest view of the planet’s atmosphere, which also indicates at a storm brewing around the planet.

A man with a large belly eats junk food on May 23, 2013 in Leipzig, Germany.

Study Finds Relationship Between PNPLA3 Gene & Obesity Associate With Risk Of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Apr 28, 2017 01:38 AM EDT

Scientists have come up with a significant finding about obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), concluding that obesity increases the risk of NAFLD.

Israeli doctors give CPR to a premature baby born today at the Israeli army hospital January 18, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Scientists Develop Artificial Plastic Womb, Could Be Helpful To Premature Babies [Report]

Apr 27, 2017 09:43 AM EDT

Scientists just developed an artificial plastic womb which can later help those babies which are born prematurely as it imitates the environment of the womb of a pregnant woman.

Juniors Matt Frinak, left, and Kelly Bryant, right, look over notes in a chemistry class at Massey Hill Classical school September 13, 2000 in Fayetteville, NC.

PeriodicStats Give Students Access To Interactive Chemistry Learning [Report]

Apr 26, 2017 06:50 PM EDT

Students taking Chemistry subject can now get rid of the hassle of learning the subject as experts came up with Periodic Stats which is an interactive periodic table of elements.

WHO Makes Progress Battling Drug Resistant Malaria In Cambodia

Experts Find Ways To End Malaria For Good

Apr 26, 2017 07:02 PM EDT

Medical experts, as well as countries, are implementing policies and effective strategies in order to put an end to malaria which usually affects countries in Africa.

 A detailed view of the grass during the Second Round of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth on May 22, 2009 in Virginia Water, England.

Grass Allergies Vary As Per Time & Temperature Of Day: Modern Medication Helps Fight Symptoms

Apr 26, 2017 06:45 PM EDT

Studies have revealed that grass allergies are not that serious and vary according to the time and temperature of the day. Also, the new-age medications help in countering the problematic symptoms of the allergies to a great extent.

The planet Saturn is seen in the first color composite made of images taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft on its approach to the ringed planet, October 21, 2002.

Spacecraft Cassini Headed For Death Plunge To Reveal Information About Saturn & Its Rings

Apr 26, 2017 08:18 AM EDT

Cassini, the unmanned NASA spacecraft, will take a deep dive into the surface of Saturn on Sep 15 and the first dive is slated to take place today. Once this happens, information about the planet and its mysterious rings will start pouring in.

The Aurora Borealis glows in the sky, September 03, 2007, near the Greenland town of Kangerlussuaq.

Citizen Scientists Discover Aurora ‘Steve’; Get Validation From European Science Agency

Apr 25, 2017 07:05 PM EDT

A Facebook group called “Alberta Aurora Chasers” has discovered a new aurora feature, naming it “Steve” and the European Science Agency (ESA) has also put its seal of approval over the finding.

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