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A sign in front of Indian Hills Elementary School in Jurupa Valley

Leprosy plague hit California School

Sep 23, 2016 11:34 AM EDT

A case of leprosy was discovered in one of the elementary schools in Southern California though public health personnel have pointed out that the school and area remain safe from the disease.

Microleo attenboroughi

Extinct 'micro lion' named after Sir David Attenborough

Aug 24, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

A tiny, kitten-like marsupial lion is honoured to get a naturalist's name.

Do You Think Hillary Clinton Will Win by a Landslide?

Aug 24, 2016 03:18 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton has been leading the polls by two digits after Donald Trump's self-inflicted damage issues, Can we now conclude that Hillary would win by a landslide for the November elections? Not so fast!

Netflix clone to be released for North Korea Citizens

Aug 23, 2016 02:08 PM EDT

Being known as the "Hermit Kingdom", North Korea will now release a clone of Netflix allowing its citizens to watch on demand videos, however, it will still be under a regulated intranet.


COMMENTARY: Why Text Messaging Is Ruining Conversation Among Millennials

Feb 23, 2016 11:25 AM EST

We Millennials are killing the art of conversation and the desire to make our voices heard – really heard – one text message at a time.

Lindsey Vonn

COMMENTARY: Why Isn't Lindsey Vonn Allowed To Destroy Her Equipment?

Feb 20, 2016 12:47 PM EST

Lindsey Vonn made history on Saturday by becoming the winningest World Cup skier of all time. She also posted a video of her smashing her binding with a hammer.

MSNBC Pulls The Plug On 'The Rev.' Al Sharpton

COMMENTARY: Trump Draws Left's Ire, But Race-Baiting Sharpton Is OK In Their Book

Feb 15, 2016 11:21 AM EST

The New York Daily News got it wrong. In truth, Bernie Sanders is the “Zombie” and Al Sharpton the “Joker.”

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

COMMENTARY: Why Have We Made Cam Newton The Story Of Super Bowl 50?

Feb 09, 2016 02:03 PM EST

Instead of celebrating the Denver Broncos for winning Super Bowl 50, the NFL media has decided that the real story is Cam Newton's one mistake.

Hillary Clinton

COMMENTARY: Cast Your Boob Vote for Hillary, Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem Advise Young Women

Feb 08, 2016 05:00 PM EST

To hear "feminist" Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright tell it, women shouldn't think for themselves, they should just vote Hillary.

Snowball fight

COMMENTARY: Where Are The Snowballs Of Yesteryear?

Feb 08, 2016 03:44 PM EST

Today, not even a blizzard can prod our kids to go outdoors.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

COMMENTARY: Sanders Exposes Hillary’s Wall Street Achilles Heel And The Extent of His Dangerous Socialist Ideology

Feb 05, 2016 03:02 PM EST

Bernie Sanders was in attack mode against Hillary Clinton in Thursday night's debate and exposed the former secretary of state as being connected at the purse strings with Wall Street.

Donald Trump

COMMENTARY: Not Number One Anymore, Trump Loses Iowa

Feb 02, 2016 03:09 PM EST

After losing in Iowa, Donald Trump has learned that a Twitter following and being number one in polls doesn't always translate to votes.

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

COMMENTARY: Is Donald Trump Afraid Of Fox News' Megyn Kelly Or Obsessed With Her?

Jan 27, 2016 10:26 AM EST

It's time for Donald Trump to grow up and move on.

Common Core

COMMENTARY: Common Core Sting Captures Condescension At Heart Of Educational Establishment

Jan 25, 2016 10:38 AM EST

Those attached to Common Core will readily say in whispers what they would never post on their website.

Stacey Dash

COMMENTARY: Stacey Dash Is Right About Ending Jim Crow, BET and Black History Month

Jan 25, 2016 10:11 AM EST

If whites had the nerve to create White Entertainment Television or White History Month, blacks and liberals "would be up in arms," just as Dash said.

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