Jeff and Diana Hall deviated from their schedule on their Mexico vacation to rescue 34 homeless dogs and cats.

While the couple was vacationing in La Paz they spotted a pack of stray dogs and cats living by the beach "in need of medical attention," according to the Go Fund Me page the Halls created to help the animals.  

The pack of animals consisted of eight puppies (about 3-4 weeks old), five puppies about 14-weeks-old, 14 adult dogs and seven cats.  

It would be illegal due to certain regulations and requirements for the couple to bring the animals home with them to the U.S. so they fed the animals throughout the whole trip and brought them to Baja Dogs La Paz - a U.S.-based organization created to help organize the transfers of dogs to the U.S. and Canada for adoption.  

When Baja Dogs La Paz learned about the 34 animals in need of help, the organization created the Baja 34 Rescue Project

"Each and every one of these dogs and cats are well behaved and would make wonderful family pets," the Halls wrote on the Go Fund Me page. "We were in awe of their trust in us and we saw hope in their eyes. Although they are starving for food, it was apparent they are also starving for love."

The online Go Fund Me fundraiser was designed to help Baja Dogs La Paz finish saving the hungry animal pack. So far, at the time of publication, the couple raised $47,000 of their $50,000 goal.