Just last September, the Kindle Fire HD tablet was released and it presented a refurbished version of the original tablet, in addition to the 7-inch and 8.9-inch models. This year on a similar period, Kindle fans can look forward to the upcoming month for one more round of Amazon slates.

As part of this upcoming plan, Amazon drops the price of its Kindle Fire HD tablet to $159.99 from $199, giving the shoppers the cheapest price for the 7-inch slate of this year.

If you still remember, the online trading giant placed a number of its 16GB 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets on $20-less sale earlier this year in celebration of Father’s Day.

The said strategy, nevertheless, is not really about offering discounts, it is more possibly in relation to clearing the sill to allot space for the new products. But maybe, the school opening happening soon can also be one of the reasons.

Whatever the reasons may be, Amazon is most likely to update its Kindle tablet series this coming fall – possibly at the same time as Apple’s next iPad’s release.

There is no specific time frame as to when the discounted Kindle Fire HD tablets will be selling, so it’s better to visit the Amazon website – Amazon.com – now to purchase the tablet while supplies are still available.

The new Kindle Fired HD tablet is rumored to be equipped with the latest version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and the same Android OS present in its predecessor. Amazon refused to confirm the rumor about the details of the product.

Another rumor involving Amazon is that it is venturing to the manufacturing of game consoles targeting casual players who are not willing to pay as high as what Xbox and Nvidia ask for their hardcore gaming consoles.