Alan Beiler, a star and producer of the quasi-reality TV show "Amish Mafia" has been sentenced to up to two years in prison following a 2012 incident that left him with a charge for drug possession and leading an officer on a high-speed chase that resulted in a Pennsylvania State Trooper being injured.

The Daily Mail reports, in July 2012, five months before the first episode of the popular Discover Channel show that focuses on the allegedly dark underworld of the Amish community in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, a state trooper tried to pull the star who calls himself "the Black Amish" on the show.

Beiler, 35 was merely on the hook for an expired registration on his 2004 Jeep Liberty. Instead of stopping, he took off into oncoming traffic in an attempt to avoid the officer. According to police reports he nearly struck five cars along his way. The chase ended when the state trooper crashed his vehicle and suffered a mild concussion. Beiler was tracked back to his house using his license plate number where a search of his car revealed marijuana and several pills including Carisoprodol, oxycodone and Alprazolam.

On the show, Beiler was not seen much on the show's first season, he was merely billed as the event planner. His role in the Amish community was to bring vast amounts of young Amish and Mennonites together for big events that end up being profitable to the "amish mafia." Beiler bills himself as a go-between for the Amish and non-Amish communities. He was born in Brooklyn New York but was moved by his mother to the heart of the Amish community in Lancaster County Pennsylvania when he was a child. Once there, he was adopted by an Amish family and learned the customs and the Pennsylvania Dutch language. He believes that's what makes him unique and a popular figure in the Amish community.