Pudding the rescued tabby cat just earned herself a new name: hero cat. 

Just few years after Amy Jung rescued Pudding from a shelter, the cat managed to return the favor. 

One night when Jung was sleeping in her bed next to Pudding she fell into a diabetic coma, which didn't go unnoticed by Pudding, reported Can Cats. The cat noticed something was wrong immediately and nudged Jung awake just long enough for her to call for help from her son. 

When her son didn't answer, Pudding darted into his room and jumped on his body until he awoke and got Jung the help she needed to survive. 

It's common to hear stories about dogs sensing illnesses in humans, but cats were believed to be less likely to pick up on the signs because they are "very much more selfish, solitary creatures," animal psychologist Roger Mugford told Can Cats.

However, this story is leading some experts to question this feline stereotype.

After Pudding's amazing selfless actions were recognized, he was registered as a therapy cat and trained to detect when Jung's blood sugar drops.