Josh Duggar, the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is reportedly being accused of being involved in an underage sex scandal.

In Touch Weekly reported that the "19 Kids and Counting" star "was named in a police report as the 'alleged offender' in an underage sexual abuse probe." According to the publication, multiple sources, who saw the police report that was filed in 2005, explained why Josh was being pursued by the police for a fourth degree sexual abuse charge, while he was still a minor. 

"I saw and read the report and it clearly stated that Jim Bob brought his son Josh into the Arkansas State Police and spoke to a state trooper about Josh's involvement in alleged inappropriate touching with a minor," one of the people said.

One source close to the Duggar family revealed that Jim Bob Duggar turned his son into the Arkansas State Police after he caught him leaving an underage girl's bedroom and "learned [that] something inappropriate happened." 

Josh, who is a lobbyist for the Family Research Council, was never prosecuted in the case because the state trooper who took the report and was involved in investigating the case was arrested in 2005 and "convicted on child pornography charges." He was sentenced to 56 years in prison.

So, why is the story now coming out?

After the officer's arrest, someone in the police department reportedly contacted the Child Abuse Hotline, leading to the Crimes Against Children Division and Springdale Police Department to get involved in the case. A source told In Touch Weekly that nothing happened with the case because "a technicality prevented any further action." 

Since a few years passed since the alleged incident occurred, the statute of limitation has expired.

Sgt. Darrel Hignite, who was identified by multiple sources as the officer who led the investigation, declined to comment on the incident, reportedly telling In Touch Weekly, "I can't comment or discuss [this case] because of the sensitive nature and because it involved a juvenile."

Josh is currently married to wife, Anna, and the couple have three children, Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus, with a fourth on the way.