Then there were three - the Top 3 finalists for "American Idol" that is.

Jax, Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham were left standing as the "American Idol" final three after Rayvon Owen couldn't muster another miracle save.

The Top 4 competed performed three songs on last night's episode that included one chosen by mentor Scott Borchetta, one dedicated to their hometown and the final song chosen by the judges. Each gave killer performances (even the eliminated Owen), but only three could advance and for those who survived, the post-show feeling was surreal.    

"I'm extremely excited and so honored to be one of the three in this group," a beaming Clark Beckham told Headlines and Global News. "What a great season this has been and what an incredibly talented group of artists that have filtered through. I love these contestants and I'm proud to be in the Top 3."

Jax struggled through a difficult week that saw her on vocal rest and kept her from performing until she had to sing her songs for the first time on last night's live show. Despite the setbacks, the lone female finalist could barely contain her excitement.

"Top 3 is mind blowing! I'm crazy excited right now," she told HNGN.

Nick Fradiani echoed her excitement. "Top 3! It's happening," he told HNGN. "To be honest I can't believe it, it's not something I ever thought would happen."

Before they headed into the final two weeks, the Top 4 contestants had the opportunity to travel back home and give a special performance for their hometown fans.

"Going home was great because I got to put a face to all that was happening and see it firsthand rather than it all happening on social media," Fradiani explained. "It was historic for the town of Guilford too because there were 12,000 people at that show."

The trip home for Jax was an emotional one. "All of these children were chanting my name and I just didn't expect that. It was so overwhelming, and I was kind of nervous that nobody would show," she said.

For the first time in "Idol" history, each of the three finalists will perform three individual coronation songs rather than just one all together on next week's two-night finale.

"I didn't want to do something silly and have them all sing the same song," mentor Scott Borchetta explained. "Nick's song is fun. Jax's song is so her and Clark's song is called 'Champion.'"

Borchetta added, "We're trying to nail a great theme song for the Women's World Cup, so they all have a victorious champion vibe to them."

The Big Machine Records founder also insisted that Tuesday's show will be the most important of the whole season because viewers will decide the winner after those final three performances.

The Top 3 singers will head into the studio on Thursday to record each of their songs, but they gave Headlines & Global News a preview of what they had heard already.

"I really love the lyrics and I'm really looking forward to putting all I've got into it," Beckham revealed.

Fradiani described listening to the song as more nerve-wracking that getting up on the "Idol" stage. "It's so important," Fradiani said. "The song is really good and sounds like a cross between Fun and The Goo Goo Dolls. It's big and really does sound like me."

Jax added, "I love it! I'm excited for it. It's very Jax and like an anthem. It's like an empowering chick-anthem with a message of don't mess with me."

The "American Idol" Top 3 will compete for the final two spots in a special Tuesday edition starting at 9 p.m. on Fox. The two-hour finale will air the next night starting at 8 p.m.