Philadelphia is the latest city to organize a rally and march as a response to Freddie Gray's death.

ABC 6 reports that "Philly is Baltimore," a peaceful protest, began at 4:30 p.m., the middle of the evening rush hour, in Center City Philadelphia.

The march aims to bring attention to social issues in Philadelphia and show support for those peacefully protesting in Baltimore.

"It should be a peaceful demonstration, but we are going to be honest about what's going wrong in this country," Deandra Jefferson, senior at Temple University and member of Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice, told ABC 6. "They're being killed by our cops and it's not right and we have a right to, as the people, speak up and say that we have a flaw in this system and it needs to be fixed."

Another participant at the rally said that although the media covers social issues, more needs to be done.

"I feel like this problem, though it gets so much media attention, it still goes ignored by so many people," Terry Caldwell said. "And who is to say that I won't be the next victim? I look just like the victims, so..."

As of 5:10 p.m. EST, ABC 6 reported that the protesters were still gathering in Dilworth Park and that the group was growing in numbers.

Check below for images of the march being posted on social media.