Chad Shanks, the Houston Rockets social media manager, was fired from the job for his tweet after the Rockets' win over Dallas in the Game 5 of their series.

Using the Houston Rockets' official Twitter account, he tweeted: "Shhhhh. Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon," along with an emoji of a horse with a gun pointed at it.

The Rockets soon after deleted the controversial tweet, but you can see it below:

The team also issued this apology:

 According to CBS Sports, the Mavericks' account sullenly accepted the apology.

Shanks then went back to Twitter and sent out his apology:


Shanks said that this was his fourth season managing the Rockets' social media. He further said that he wanted to take a jab at the Mavericks once it became obvious that the Rockets had the game in the bag - something he admits he's done every so often with other teams. Regarding his tweet and the emojis he used, he had "meant it to just be a play on taking an old horse out to pasture that would get [our] fans even more pumped up and agitate Mavericks fans," he said, according to The Sporting News.

Shanks gave the following advice to other social managers: "If you're passionate about it, your voice will come through and people will get to know a part of you through it. I learned that today through all the support I've received online. Know your audience, then balance your personality, knowledge, and experience with the expectations of the people who sign your check."