Instagram has introduced @music - a handle for the new official community under its service devoted to music and musicians, TechCrunch reported.

The company explained in an Instagram post that this is the first time it has created an account dedicated solely to a certain subject.

The idea behind @music came from users' own activity on Instagram, wherein about one-quarter of the most popular accounts to date come from musicians. The Facebook-owned social network intends to boost its more than 300 million users' interest in the subject with the handle.

Instagram founder and CEO Kevin Systrom admitted to TechCrunch that the music community has always been a big part of the social network. Instagram has provided a venue for both veteran and newbie music artists to share their stories, reveal their creativity and even connect with fans.

According to Billboard, more than 25 percent of the app's top accounts are musicians, with Beyonce at the top spot with 30.9 million followers, followed by Ariana Grande with 30.1 million, Taylor Swift with 28.3 million, Justin Bieber with 26 million, Miley Cyrus with 18.3 million and Rihanna and Katy Perry with 17.7 followers each. A number of newcomers have also used Instagram to start a loyal fan base.

Instagram music editor Alex Suskind will head the new @music community. The account will feature six posts per week, with the content covering a diverse range of topics related to music. Aside from the artists themselves, the content will feature music photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers, studio sessions, fans and more.

The posts will also be grouped into a series of specific hashtags. Instagram cites examples such as #LocallySourced for unsigned acts, #DoubleTrack will feature artists' interests aside from music, and #15SecondLessons will have videos on how to perform and even play different instruments.

The community aspect of @music will be quite similar to Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project that the network runs on its main account, in which aside from commenting on the posts itself, @music followers can participate in monthly music-themed hashtag projects.

Instagram further states that the company currently does not have any plans to launch other verticals or run ads on @music.