The current residents of the haunted house "The Conjuring" is based off are not pleased with the unwanted visitors on their property since the film's release.

"The Conjuring" is based on a true story of the Perron family's alleged haunting during their residence at the 1730s-era house in Harrisville, R.I.

Homeowners Norma Sutcliffe and her husband have lived there for 25 years.

According to The Call, Sutcliffe does not believe in ghosts or haunted houses, but does believe in privacy.

"We haven't slept in days," Sutcliffe told The Call. "Because we wake up at 2 in the morning there are people with flashlights in our yard."

She added curious ghost enthusiasts call the residence asking, "is this 'The Conjuring' house?" Some of the calls she has received have been harassing.

Sutcliffe told The Call she has had conversations with Andrea Perron, who wrote a trilogy of books about the haunting she and her family allegedly endured before the movie went into production.

Sutcliffe said Andrea regrets writing the books. Though Sutcliffe understands most unwanted visitors are curious and harmless, she's afraid about the people whose motives are negative.

"All it takes is one crazy to do something. There are already threats on the Internet that 'wouldn't it be fun to break into that house?' Our barn is very vulnerable and there is a big story connected to the barn about supposed hangings," Sutcliffe told The Call. "Can you see kids breaking in and doing a séance with candles and having it burn down?"

Sutcliffe is also upset the movie's publicists reportedly released photos of her Harrisville home without her permission, and it only took seconds for people to find out the location and her personal information.

"I have an unlisted phone number - it is all over the place," Sutcliffe said. "People are putting my address all over the blogosphere."

Sutcliffe has reportedly consulted a lawyer about the visitors to her property,and said there is nothing she can do about the situation.

"This is affecting us physically and emotionally and I don't know long we can take it," Sutcliffe said. "We put every penny we had into this house...We wanted to die in this house. It is a beautiful, historic piece of property...and it is being disrespected totally. The town of Burrillville has recognized that it is one of the most precious properties in town because of its age and value and it is being totally degraded."