Scott Kelly is working and living aboard the International Space Station for one year and he wants to know if you know, "Where over the world is Scott Kelly?" Kelly kicked off the trivia challenge on Earth Day, April 22 and the geography game will continue for the duration of his mission.

"How do you play," you ask? Follow @StationCDRKelly on Twitter to see what photo he has posted. The first person to correctly identify the place depicted will win a copy of the picture signed by Kelly (after he returns to Earth in March 2016).

"Expanding our geography knowledge is essential to our economic well-being, our relationships with other nations and the environment," Kelly said, according to a press release from NASA. "It helps us make sense of our world and allows us to make connections between people and places. Space exploration is a global endeavor, and the International Space Station is the result of these connections."

The first #SpaceGeo picture is:

Can you guess the location?

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