Five years have past since "Lost" ended, but the anticipated reunion between co-stars Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) and Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) has yet to happen.

Emerson and O'Quinn were set to star in an NBC series shortly after the 'Lost' series finale, but the pilot was never picked up. In 2011, Emerson joined the CBS series "Person of Interest," now in its fourth season.

O'Quinn has starred on several short-lived series including ABC's "666 Park Avenue" and Fox's "Gang Related." He's also guest-starred on CBS's "Hawaii Five-0," which has reunited him with "Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim.

Speaking with Emerson at the Paley Center for Media's presentation of "An Evening with 'Person of Interest'" on Tuesday night, he speculated on why O'Quinn hasn't guest starred on the CBS procedural and the hopes he has for his acting friend.

"I think he's avoiding us," Emerson joked, before saying, "He's busy. He shot another very promising pilot in the last couple months. I'm hoping he'll be our competition soon and won't have time to come and be on our show."

O'Quinn is attached to star in the new ABC pilot drama "The Adversaries." The show centers on the patriarch of a New York legal dynasty who becomes embroiled in a trial of his own, and his federal prosecutor daughter must decide which side she will fight on.

O'Quinn will play Charlie, the head of the law firm Fisher, Fisher and Herrero.