Robotic developments continue to make it seem like Skynet could harness our huge number of robots and destroy all of humanity.

The most recent development is a series of robotic arms that Japan's Namiki Laboratory designed for sword combat. The lab has a history of mixing robotic arms with high-speed vision systems to create robots with faster response times than the standard human reflex. However, recent footage revealed that Namiki developers have created a robot arm that can take on the best swordsman.


"Using a pair of high-speed cameras working to give the arm stereo vision, the robot is able to recognize the position and movements of a human opponent, as well as its own sword. Once the human starts to attack the robot uses custom algorithms to calculate the possible trajectories of its opponent's sword and then plots an effective defensive motion to protect itself using its own weapon," Gizmodo reported

This isn't the first time that Namiki Labs has played with responsive technology. The company recently posted footage of robot arms that have the ability to catch a ball. 

Another lab that has experimented with sword-wielding robots is ABB, which posted a video in August 2013 of two robotic arms dueling with one another. However, the bots didn't appear to have any way to respond to one another. Namiki Lab's current model of its sword-wielding robot arm is most likely the one that will be used by Skynet to destroy us all.