Mr. Gibbs the puppy saved the life of a toddler who has a rare lung disease that makes it difficult for her to breathe.

Alida, 3, was diagnosed with a rare lung disease as an infant called Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia. The condition makes it difficult to breathe so she has to wear an oxygen mask at all times.

Her fix-it dad made her a cart to pull around with the oxygen tank so Alida could be mobile in the house, but it was still difficult for her to play outside like a regular, energetic kid.

That's where Mr. Gibbs comes in.

Mr. Gibbs, Alida's service dog, has a harness that allows him to carry his little human friend's oxygen tank when she plays in the yard. He is still a puppy so he is able to keep up with Alida running around the yard and even going down the slide together!

Watch the adorable friends play together in this USA Today video: